Benefits and drawbacks of using a waist shaper

Benefits and drawbacks of using a waist shaper

Waist shaper is a garment most commonly referred to as a corset which is made up of steel worn in order to develop an hourglass shape. The corset is tightened gradually so that the body of the wearer is rearranged and will reduce the circumference of the waist. Many celebrities have been proven to wear modern shapewear which works in the same principle as the corset called waist taming garments. Before you go off and buy a waist shaper or shapewear garments make sure you go through these pros and cons of them.


Improves posture

This is one of the side effects of wearing a corset. Since the use of the steel structure, the wearer will be able to sit or stand straight without developing a hunched position.

Improves confidence

This depends on person to person. After seeing reviews about waist shapers and shapewear garments it is evident that many women get a boost of confidence when they have a great figure.

Fashion statement

We have seen that many women like to wear a corset under their clothes for example for the wedding dress since it has been the style.

Support the bust line

This is beneficial for most women who have large breasts. Wearing an overbust corset will help maintain the bust line.

Keep warmer in cool days

Since waits trainers and shapewear are similar to another layer of clothes it will help keep the body warm in the cold days.

Weight loss

This is mainly because while wearing a waist shaper or shapewear you will not be able to eat a lot of food as you used to since you have tightened the waist area. So since the intake of food is low the weight will also decrease.

Although there are many benefits of waist training using waits trainer and shapewear there is a certain disadvantages to it also.


Can be uncomfortable

This is because wearing a waist shaper will tighten around the waist area so you will feel really uncomfortable wearing. When wearing a corset, the main discomforts you feel will be shallow breathing, restriction of movement, bruising around the waist due to the steel structure and downward pressure on the pelvic floor.

Visible under clothing

Since there are steel structures in the corset when you wear a tight dress the corset will be visible. This is highly uncomfortable for some women.

Changes your mood

This happens mainly because of the corset being too tight. The wearer will have a change in mood and will be unhappy because she can’t do anything about it.

Decreases core strength

Cathie Jung is the best example that we are able to give for the decrease in core strength. She has the smallest waist in the world and she has done waist training for a long time. she is now at the point of her life that she cannot be able to stand straight without the help of her waist shaper.

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