How much Knowledge of accounting and finance any business person should have to face COVID-19 pandemic?

The world is struggling to move forward with CoronaVirus’s global pandemic. All business persons have to focus more on their businesses. Working in an uncomfortable zone is very difficult and stressful. Due to COVID-19, all the business person has to move from their comfort zones to run their businesses or survive in the market. To run the business in this difficult time, all businesspersons should understand their skills and weaknesses.

Singapore Math Placement Test

In our life, we have faced so many tests. Especially in our school days. But some tests can be a turning point in our life. Simply, the Singapore math placement test is one of them. As I explained earlier, this may be a turning point in Singapore student’s life. The whole idea behind this test is to measure the student’s knowledge and select a suitable class for them. With this