All you need to know about Singapore math placement test

Singapore Math Placement Test

In our life, we have faced so many tests. Especially in our school days. But some tests can be a turning point in our life. Simply, the Singapore math placement test is one of them. As I explained earlier, this may be a turning point in Singapore student’s life.

The whole idea behind this test is to measure the student’s knowledge and select a suitable class for them. With this method, intelligent students can go through this exam easily and others have to wait till they meet a certain level of knowledge. As a result of this, each level of students have the same knowledge level.

Selection Criteria

If a child scores more than 80% of marks, he or she is eligible for the next level. If your child gets marks lower than 80% he or she has to stay in the same class till he or she completes the required knowledge level.

Case A:

Think a student scores 90% for the Singapore math 4A placement test. As this solid result of 90% is above the cutoff marks, he is able to face the Math 4B test. For 4B test, He only scored 75%. This score indicates that this child doesn’t fully understand the 4B level. Therefore he has to be in 4A level.

Case B:

A child takes the Singapore Math 4A placement test and scored 30%. Due to this low score, he is not eligible for the 4A level. Then he takes the Singapore Math 3B placement test and he scored 55%. This score is still relatively low for this level. Therefore student has to take the Singapore Math 3A placement test and he scores 90%. This indicates that the child has a high proficiency in the Singapore Math 3A level. Then you should decide him to start with Singapore Math 3B level.

Singapore math placement test

What is Level K?

You need to know that no placement test for the “K” level. This level called the Singapore Primary Math K level. This level is an extremely logical and clear level that focuses on students’ mental math. This level includes colorful textbooks that students love.  This level consists of KA & KB levels. This level is specially designed for 4 to 5 year’s old children.

Primary Maths is starting from level 1 and goes till level 6. Each level contains A and B levels. Also, there is a Dimension Math placement series. This also starts from K  1,2,3,4,5 levels and each level consists of two levels called A and B.

Then the secondary level starts with S1 (Secondary 1), S2 (Secondary2), S3 (Secondary3), S4 (Secondary4). These levels teach higher fundamentals such as trigonometry, Probability, Quadratic equations, Triangles, Angle measures, Vectors, Statistics, Derivatives, etc.

After that, next level is higher Math 1 (H1) and Higher Math 2(H2) This level also contains Matrices, Logarithms, Exponential and logarithmic functions, Derivatives, Polynomials, Eclipses, Statistics, etc.

Singapore math placement test

Especially, this syllabus has been introduced in 1998 to public schools and it showed a great improvement in children’s math education level. Singapore math system contains highly effective teaching approaches towards students. This is originally developed by the Singapore ministry of education in Singapore’s public schools. This method has been developed after studying various forms around the world during the last 20 years.

Compared to other countries Singapore Math knowledge is high. Singapore is much focusing on their education system.  Once I heard the statement “My parents don’t force me to focus on studies. But I know that they have many hopes for me. That’s why I am here today” from a Singapore student, I realized that parents don’t try to force their children for studies.

There are many valuable sample papers available online to practice. And also there are paper materials available to purchase. If you are focusing much on your child, there are lots of home tutors available.